What They’re Saying About Company

Jovani and I, we are happy with the company. Being partners in life and in work is a dream come true for us. We are really blessed to have this family with CoreAssist who always supports us and helps us to make our jobs productive and efficient. We are also very grateful to have the nicest clients ever. They are very kind and they give us chance to suggest and give inputs for the company's progress. We are always excited to work and attend meetings because they make us feel that we belong even if we are the only Asians at work. They help us improve as VAs and at the same time, help us grow as individuals.
Jovani Ortiz
Maria Ortiz & Jovani Ortiz
I'm thankful for CoreAssist since they help us connect with our clients and manage our relationships with them. They act as the bridge between me and my client and they help me communicate the things I'm struggling to say on my own. They are also very transparent with numbers and feedback which is important for me. They help me become a better and more efficient employee!
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Claudette Agbayani
Remote work definitely offer flexibility, but it is also important that companies support work-life-balance for their employees.I believe CoreAssist values that balance, which is wonderful for maintaining the well being and productivity.
Jessica Geroy
Working from home has significantly enhanced my sense of job stability. The flexibility and comfort of a home office environment have contributed to increased productivity and job satisfaction. Without the daily commute, I can better balance my work and personal life, which has reduced stress and improved my overall well-being. Additionally, the ability to create a customized workspace tailored to my needs has led to more efficient workflows and a more focused work atmosphere. I am grateful for the ongoing support and opportunities provided by 6AMCC & CoreAssist.
Jana Plaza